Linkimage Premium – Easy Image Linking Plugin for WordPress

This plugin gives you all the controls for every attached images to a widget and give the link to it.
Every image can be dragged easily, add and delete it with single click.

Key Features & options

  • Dragable images*
  • Ajax powered panel
  • Easy custom style for each image
  • Powerful widget options
  • Multi-instance widget
  • Supports shortcodes
  • Background image
  • Intro and outro text to add plain text or HTML before and after the widget content.
  • Custom styles and scripts to add additional CSS style or javascript per widget ID.

* available for premium version only

Using Shortcode or PHP Function

Drag this widget to the Inactive Widgets at the bottom left of widget administration page if you want to use this as a shortcode to your content or PHP function in your template with the example codes below. Where 3 is the given widget id.
[linkimage id="3"]
<?php echo linkimage(3); ?>

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November 4, 2013

Last Update

November 4, 2013


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