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  1. Hi Hoope you can help please.

    I have just installed ‘Countdown’ into a website I have build for a charity.

    It has been reported to me that on some computers where the digits would normally appear they letters ‘NA’ appear in their place. I have two computers and the download works perfectly so wondered if you have come across this and can suggest a solution.

    On investigation the error appears to be when using Internet Explorer! Have you had this reported to you and is their a solution you can suggest please.

    Hope you can help


  2. Hello

    I am using the premium version of jetweet……what I really need to do is aggregate 10-20 handles or more (@BerkeleyHighLax @LaxatFHS @torreypineslax @ETGirlsLacrosse) into a single feed. I only want what they Tweet (not anything else from their feed). I also would want several instances of aggregated feeds on the site (with different handles)

    Please let me know the cost to do or how the current plugin can facilitate

  3. hi there,

    I’ve added the countdown plugin and I want to exchange the english vocabulary into german… i.e. days –> Tage , month –> Monate a.s.o..

    Pls advise the way how to do…. where do I find the file to be changed?

    Is it “the-countdown/widget.php ?

    tks in advance
    Keih Gano

  4. i have purchased the premium “Linkimage” plugin package. How do i install the zip file to upgrade my “Linkimage” plug-in in my wordpress widget?
    Please advise.

  5. Hello

    I just purchased the super post plugin and I’ve been trying to upload it but I keep getting a failure message “no valid plugin”

    Did I do it wrong?
    Please help

  6. I’m using the Feedburner email subscription plugin (1.3.2) with WordPress (3.9.1) and would like to schedule the posts to be delivered immediately on publication. The setup asks to select a 2 hour window. Is there a way to bypass this and deliver immediately?

  7. Greetings! Will there be an update soon to make Super Post compatible with WordPress v. 4.1?

    I have Super Post installed on my WP site (v. 4.1). The Super Post menus don’t appear anymore, while the previously coded inserts still work fine, and I noticed that in the plugin description it says that SuperPost is only compatible up to version 4.0.1. This is, by far, the best related post plugin.

    Please advise.

      1. When I go into wp-admin and select the Googl plug-in link (left hand side of page), the Googl page appears with all my published items (Title & Date), however the Links & Click information is gone. I can send you a screen shot if you send me your email.

  8. Hi there,

    I have looking for the function of category image for a long time, and try lots of plugins,finally I saw yours, I saw the demo, it is exactly what I want.

    I have down your plugin(Taxography – Category Image) in wordpress. I’ve installed and activated it. Yes it can add image into the category, but I don’t see any difference before and after. Also I haven’t see the setting page of the plugin.

    Usually we add some code like in to the content of the template where I want the category images show, then the function works.that’s my thought.Please kindly help me or give some tips.thanks very much!
    my email: polydecking$

  9. Hi – i am struggling with the error message that feedburner “feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled” — but i did indeed activate the email service on feedburner. Do i need to add code somewhere?

  10. Is the countdown time calculation based on the viewer’s computer time or on the server’s time? Our server will be in California (PDT) but the event the countdown is for will be in Arizona (MST). We want it to countdown to the Arizona time.
    Is there a UTC offset that can be changed if needed?


  11. hello dear zourbuth,

    i am pretty new to this great plugin – your facebook plugin

    one question – regarding the flexibility:

    can i add photos of a set to the photos that i show on my site? is this possible?

    i want to fetch some of the photos of my favorites – see
    note- these photos are not taken by me – no. they are from others!

    i want to fetch eg – 4 to 5 fotos of my favorites –
    can i show these images on my site? is this possible?
    can i add a set of photos that i separate each of the photo.

    eg like so: photo1, photo2, photo3, photo,4

    … from different users, – arbitrarily added into a “set” that i “create”

    is this possible?

    love to hear from you
    best regards

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