Tomatoes Download – WordPress Digital Download Plugin

This plugin gives your biggest fans another way to keep up with your digital download downloads with free and premium download type. With PayPal integration supports makes your downloaded file easy to set to premium type. The download counter will helps you monitor your downloaded files, storing the user IP adress or user ID for premium download.

Key Features & Options

  • No additional post types added.
  • Support for all custom post types.
  • PayPal and multi currency supports.
  • Shortcodes supports.
  • Premium and free download type.
  • List table for purchased download.
  • List table for all downloads.
  • Registered users only or public download type.
  • Fancy URL for downloading item.
  • Download counter
  • More plugin settings

Using Plugin

  • Go to your post, page or post type edit screen and set Tomatoes post meta option.
  • Give a title, description, price (for premium) and choose the file for download in the metabox.
  • Paste [download] anywhere in your post content.
  • That’s it, simply is the best.

Supports & Features

This plugin does not match to your site style? Is this script not quite working as it should?
Having trouble installing? Or need some custom modifications that aren’t already included?
Or you want more features on next release? Feel free to get in touch about any of your queries via the comment box below.

Download Tomatoes version 0.0.1

51 comments on “Tomatoes Download – WordPress Digital Download Plugin

  1. Hello, I installed Tomatoes Download and setup a test item to download. I setup my PayPal info. I set the price of my download at $49.95. When I click on the link to buy it, I’m taken to a WordPress Login page. I’m not sure why this would be, but I also can’t seem to get it to work. I tried a login I have for as well as the login I use to administer my website on GoDaddy. Neither of those work. I was hoping it would go straight to PayPal when it was clicked.

    I have a similar thing happen if I setup a free download but want to have them register first. Not sure how they register since I’m not getting any option for that. Any ideas? Did I do something wrong or am I missing something? The page I’m working on is

    1. Hi Chester, the premium file download only accessible by registered users.
      Before they buy the item, they should register their account and all their
      purchased files will be listed in their user dashboard.

      1. Thanks, I didn’t see anywhere for a person to register. I tried to use two different WordPress accounts I have but neither worked.

  2. Hi, I think this is a really good plugin. But I will like to know if this plugin can work with a prepaid credit system where users are given points to pay for the items they want to download?

    So they make offline payment, you credit there account, they login to your site and search, selected and download materials.

    Can this feature be added to it or will it work with other prepaid products like WPMP Prepaid Credits?

    1. Hi thanks for using the plugin.
      I think I don’t understand your message.
      What do you mean about “So they make offline payment, you credit there account”?

  3. Hi, this plug in looks great but i’m struggling to find what I need so am making sure that I ask enough questions to get what I need. Basically what I need is a plug in that will allow me to create a PDF download link from an image where the user has to input their email address and name before being able to access the download. I need a href link rather than short codes. Can this plug in do this? if not can you please tell me of one that can? I’m despairing!


    1. Hi, this plugin only give your user downloaded hash link.
      If you set the download file a zip, pdf, image or any file types, then it will give the file.
      There are 2 download feature, free and premium, with public and/or registered authentication.

  4. I like the way that your plugin looks.

    I would like to use it to allow the download of both audio and video files. These will all be available for free.

    1. Do I need to require logins for free downloads?
    2. Is it possible to attach more than 1 file to a post?
    3. If I place photos in a post, may I use more than 1 photo, and will they have thumbnails?

    We have “teachings” from visiting Lamas that we offer for free. I would like to have an index where someone may select the teaching that they want. This would then open a page that has the title of the teaching with a description. Some of the teachings are 5 or 6 files, and I would like them all on this same page.


    1. Hi, thanks for using the plugin.
      1. There is two options for free download, public or registered users.
      2. No, you should pack it if more than one files.
      3. This plugin has nothing to do with image processing.

      1. Thank you for your prompt response.

        I’m afraid this plugin will not work for me because I need to be able to attach more than one file. Our users are not always the most computer literate, and packing files would confuse them more that I would prefer to do.

        Thank you!

        … Rick

  5. Is there a way to restrict the download to only one download per user?

    I’m using Paid Memberships Pro plugin, which allows registered users to log in and get exclusive content. I have one membership level that offers a music download, but I want to restrict it to one-time only for each registered customer. Can Tomatoes work within that framework?

  6. Hey zourbuth! Thanks for this plugin. I only have a problem. Already created the “download” in the post page, but seems download link is not working. Error! appears… Any idea why? I simply selected a .pdf file from my media…

  7. Hello,
    Thanks for this plugin. Really simple. Downloads are linked to the post, exactly what i wanted.
    I wonder how to keep the real filename when downloading ?

    1. Do you know PHP? Please open the class.php and around line 94 find and replace:
      $rename = str_replace( $filename[0], uniqid( '', false ), basename( $file ) );
      $rename = basename( $file );

  8. Thank you very much !
    Yes, I know PHP but thanks to you I save hours…
    I tried three weeks to achieve something similar and your plugin is exactly what i wanted.

  9. Hello again !
    Can you tell me the steps to follow to use paypal with this pluggin? I have a classic paypal account and I asked for an API signature. It does not work (“problem with the email seller”). This is because my site is still local?
    Thanks !

      1. Ok, so i have to create a business account. Are you sure this is useful? Cause i asked for an APi signature on my classical account, it worked (API username, API password, API signature). The error message appears when i clic on a link on my website in order to pay.

  10. Ok, i’ll try with sandbox. What do you mean with :”make sure
    for the API username is “an email” not standard text” ?
    My API username is something like :

    Thanks !

    1. Hello.
      Thanks, I tried with sandbox and it works (real email instead the API username).
      But… When a buyer pays, he is redirected to the last page of the site, except he don’t access to the download link . How can I fix the problem?
      I tried to understand function shortcode(), but I can’t find the URL of the download.
      Thank you vert much.

    2. Hi, by default your user will be directed to the page where they purchase it. Before they purchase it, purchase button will be visible, if purchased, download link should be displayed in that page. Purchaser also can download from their dashboard.

  11. Thanks. That’s the problem. User is directed to the page where he purchase it.
    But the purchase button is still visible. And there is nothing in the dashboard :
    “You have not purchased any items”…
    Mhhh i didnt change anything in class.php except :

    $rename = basename( $file );

      1. Ok. I think the problem is that the database is not updated after the payment, when working on a local server like wamp.
        So I put my website on the internet and the system worked. I also changed the design and translated it (my English isn’t very well as you have noticed).

        Thanks +

  12. Hi,
    this seems to be a nice solution for downloads. But is it posible for quick and small downloads without registration? I mean if people want to download some 0,50 Cent pics I don´t want to prank them with a long and complicated registration process. I want it quick and anonymous. Is this posible, or must I look for another plugin?

    1. Hi thanks for the idea. But there are only two options, premium with registration or free.
      I have think about it before, but I will have more jobs of purchasers want the download link
      because they lost the image.

  13. Hi
    Whenever i upload my media files(.mp4) on my wordpress designed website (i’m currently using the optimize wrodpress theme) using this download plugin and they are downloaded, they refuse to open on any device (phone or desktop). Kindly note that they open and play fully before uploading.

    Thank you

  14. Hi,
    The downloads on a Topic page are working good.
    When I put a download file on a regular page, users can download it, but the Tomatoes > Downloads page in the backend shows:
    “There is no download. Please create at the post edit section.”

    So I can’t see how many times a file is downloaded 🙁

    Can you reproduce this, or is it just my site?


    1. I see the downloads are registered in the database (postmeta), but i can’t see them in de Admin. When i create a download on a post item, it works well.
      The items in the database are looking the same, so I think it is a bug in de downloads-list.php file. It seems the query is not looking for tomatoes entries on regular pages.
      Can you help me with that? Thanks in advance!

        1. I don’t understand… I create a page, I choose a file (a picture.jpg for instance), I copy the brackets and paste it into my page.
          I can then download the picture from any device – but still I can register no counting of my downloads.
          Seems I can’t get my picture registered in your “Downloads”; it still say:
          “There is no download. Please create at the post edit section.”

  15. Hello !
    I’ve updated tomatoes while I made ​​a lot of changes in the code … So I lost everything. It does not matter for the design, I will start again. But I worry about the database. tomatoes tells me I have 21 downloads, but I must have more than 100. (a person has continued to add downloads from the update, I guess 21).
    So I wonder where are tomatoes downloads in the wordpress database, there must be a problem. Downloads always seem to work on the website, but they no longer appear in the backoffice in “All Downloads”… i dont renember what i changed in the code…so i need to find entries in the database in order to find the problem

  16. Hello,
    Since the update of tomatoes, I can not see the list of downloads in the dashboard (in “all downloads”). If I add a new post with a new download, it appears in the dashboard. But where are the old? Downloads on the site still work, and all data tomatoes appear when editing a post…
    I want to understand why the old downloads are no longer listed in “all downloads”?

    I tried to find the tomatoes entries in the wordpress database in order to understand where is the difference between the old and new entries … but I have not found where they are…
    Do you know where the problem may come or where are the tomatoes entries ?

    1. Hi Dourovski, sorry if the new update problems you.

      The new version only adds the translation, nothing else code changes.
      If you want to find the data in the database, you can find it
      using “tomatoes_”. All the data is stored using prefix “tomatoes_”
      in wp_posts, wp_postmeta, and wp_options.

      If you want to see the code that lists all downloads, please open
      download-list.php around line 164 in the function parse_data() {}

      1. Hello, thanks ! Its my fault… I should save my design changes.

        I found data in the wordpress database but i can’t see any difference beetween old and new entries… for each post in wp_postmeta i found :

        The only things i changed in your code was some translations directly in your code (before the new version adds the translation), and i added another field in the tomatoes area when editing a post in the dashboard : a download counter.
        To add this field I just copied the code from the “price” field, and replaced “price” by “downloads”.

        When i am editing an old post, the tomatoes fields are ok and the download on the website works.

        The only problem is that the downloads are no longer listed in “all downloads”. Only new appear.

        Do you know what kind of problem could it be??

  17. Hey, great plugin.

    I’m having one issue with it though..I can add downloads and people can download from the links but I’m not getting any record of them in dashboard. They’re not appearing when I create them, so I’m not able to follow what’s happening, which is the main reason I went with your plugin.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again!

  18. Hello!
    When a person is not registered is redirected (button download) to the page …. / wp-login.php.
    Is it possible to redirect to a different page? Thank you.

  19. Hi, I’ve been using Tomatoes for a few months for simply free downloads because of ease of use and the download counter. However i find today all download counts have been wiped after WP patch, why is this? Anyway to get them back or at least get it working again?

    1. Hello? Any support here? Why have all my download counters disappeared? No downloads listed but at the top it says I have 23 downloads. I’ve done nothing but update WP. Hello?

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