Taxography – WordPress Graphical Taxonomy

Taxography – WordPress Graphical Taxonomy

Taxography – WordPress Graphical Taxonomy

Perhaps you want to use category image? This plugin gives you total control over the output of your taxonomies. Displays a list of selected taxonomy as links with thumbnail and it’s short description.
This plugin comes with several options as a post/page content or as a widget with similiar functionality. Support multiwidget easy to customize and full features. Displays a list of categories as links. When a list item link is clicked, all the posts in that taxonomy will display on your category, tag, archieve or taxonomy page using the appropriate category template dictated by the template hierarchy rules. This plugin is based on the WordPress function wp_list_categories()

Key Features & options

  • Description, show or hide the category item description.
  • Style, show as a list on inline.
  • Order, ascending or descending.
  • Orderby count, id, slug or term group.
  • Depth, controls how many levels in the hierarchy of categories are to be included.
  • Number, sets the number of categories to display.
  • Thumbnail, show or hide the taxonomy item thumbnail.
  • Thumbnail Height & Width, for diplaying the categories image size.
  • Item Width, set the width of an list item in pixel.
  • Child Indent, a margin left in pixels for child item.
  • Include & Exclude, only include or exclude the selected categories.
  • Hierarchical, set in hierarchical.
  • Feed, feed image and feed type in atom, rss, rss2, or rdf for each category*.
  • Exclude Tree, exclude category-tree from the results*.
  • Child Of, only display categories that are children of the category identified by this parameter*.
  • Current category, allows you to force the “current-cat” to appear on uses of wp_list_categories that are not on category archive pages*.
  • Search, only for searching given categories*.
  • Use description, sets whether a category’s description is inserted into the title attribute of the links created.
  • Show last update, set to order it for last update.
  • Show count, toggles the display of the current count of posts in each category.
  • Hide empty, toggles the display of categories with no posts.
  • Intro & Outro text for widget, if you want to add additional text or HTML.
  • Custom Style & Script for widget, if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per given widget ID.
  • Inline documentation for the option.

* available with premium version

Live Preview

Download Taxography Free from

Download Taxography Premium from

62 comments on “Taxography – WordPress Graphical Taxonomy

  1. Hello,

    I have set Taxography up to use the shortcode for category in my page. I have one category currently chosen and selected to show the category thumbnail. It shows the category thumbnail and the title of the one post currently in that category and to show the posts in that category. The strange thing I don’t understand is that below that post link, there is a link that displays that says “Load Posts” which I do not have a post by that name and it’s a “dead” link when you hover it and look in the browser status bar there is a # in it. How do I get rid of that link? Thanks for your help.


      1. Thanks for the reply. I can’t do it publicly but if you’ll contact me at my email address, I can send it to you.


  2. hi sir, this is great plugin. I used it..
    I want to ask you, how to put this plugin on page using schortcode that based on category?

    I used shortcode: [super-post query=”recent” items=”5″ show_excerpt=”true” excerpt_length=”15″ excerpt_more=”…” show_thumbnail=”true” icon_height=”40″ icon_width=”40″ show_comments=”true” show_date=”true” date_format=”F j, Y” order=”DESC” ] how the code to make this recent post based category?

    I tried to add this code: category=”my category” but, it’s don’t work.

    thanks alot

  3. Hi Zourbuth,
    great plugin, thank you for writing it!
    I do have one question: I want to display the title above the thumbnail. I’ve tried changing the html output line in taxography-utility.php (moved $thumb to behind the title href), but the order doesn’t change. Can you please tell me how I should change this?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Boris, try this around line 90:

      $html .= <li><a title='$post_title' href='" . get_permalink( $post- rel="nofollow">ID ) . "'>". taxography_substr( $post_title, $params['post_title_substr'] ) ."</a>$thumb</li>";

      Let me know if that works.

      1. Hey, I found it!

        I swapped the if $show_title and if $show_thumbnail sections in taxography-walker.php, and now it’s changed!
        Thanks for helping me so quickly, you put my thinking on the right path 🙂 .

        This already got posted in the other thread, but I’m reposting it here in case other users want to make the same change.

    1. Yes, please look at taxography-images.php. The category image is stored in the wp_options table.
      You can use snippet someting like this:

      $image = get_option( 'taxonomy_image_' . $term_id );
      print_r( $image );

      Where the $term_id is the category id.

  4. Hi Zourbuth, great plugin!

    Can you help me resolve the following?
    The url constructed is currently: “http://websitedomain/category/products/bariatric/bathroom-toilet/”
    and i need it to be : “http://websitedomain/products/bariatric/bathroom-toilet/”

  5. Great plugin!

    First, I installed the regular plugin and I was able to add image on category, but after I installed a premium plugin, I don’t see the option to upload image on the category section.

  6. Hi Zourbuth,
    the last time you were a great help in solving my problem. I have another one I really hope you can help me with:
    I’ve transferred the website from XAMPP to the production server. For some reason, the category thumbnails have stopped showing. Instead, the image title tag is shown. When I check with Firebug, it does show the correct path (generated by taxography-walker.php), but Firebug also gives the message “Failed to load the given URL”.
    The website is not yet available to the public, but if you mail me your IP address, I will add it so you can see. Would you please have a look?
    The URL: phonefix page

    1. Hi Zourbuth,
      you can disregard my request. I found out a problem with permissions in the taxography cache directory. It’s working now!

  7. Hi Zourbuth,

    Thanks for writing this and I have high hopes. Your plug in shows up great and added the widget but I can’t see the images. It looks like the default when the images can’t be found. Websites linked herein. Any ideas?

    Just for fun on the second page I had some experimental code that listed the categories and below that I added your snippet from above to show the image but instead of the image displaying it shows the url.
    $image = get_option( ‘taxonomy_image_’ . $term_id );
    print_r( $image );

    Incidentally the URLs to the images do work so the images are saving to the categoy in wp_options.



  8. Hi Zourbuth,

    I wanted to let you know that Taxography has started generating strict errors when WP_DEBUG is enabled on WordPress 3.6 (running PHP 5.4.4):

    Strict Standards: Declaration of Taxography_Walker::start_lvl()
    should be compatible with Walker::start_lvl(&$output, $depth = 0,
    $args = Array) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/mysite/wp-content/plugins/
    taxography/taxography-walker.php on line 245

    Strict Standards: Declaration of Taxography_Walker::end_lvl()
    should be compatible with Walker::end_lvl(&$output, $depth = 0,
    $args = Array) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/mysite/wp-content/plugins/
    taxography/taxography-walker.php on line 245

    Strict Standards: Declaration of Taxography_Walker::start_el()
    should be compatible with Walker::start_el(&$output, $object,
    $depth = 0, $args = Array, $current_object_id = 0)
    in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/mysite/wp-content/plugins/
    taxography/taxography-walker.php on line 245

    Strict Standards: Declaration of Taxography_Walker::end_el()
    should be compatible with Walker::end_el(&$output, $object,
    $depth = 0, $args = Array) in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/mysite/
    wp-content/plugins/taxography/taxography-walker.php on line 245

    I’ve fixed these issues on a few other sites/plugins – it’s typically just a matter of comparing the method arguments and defaults against those used by the Walker_Category class.

  9. hi
    installed the plugin (wp 3.6) Thumbnails are not showing.
    instead i get an “empty image ” pointing to – timthumb.php
    any idea how to solve it?


      1. Where is the cache directory located. I do not seem to find it. I have the same problem. The image is uploaded correctly in the category page, but it does not display, the image appears as a broken link, although when you click on it, it takes me to the correct category page.


  10. Hi,

    I have the following PHP which lists my categories in two columns. I just want to add the associated image to the link for each category – what do I need to add to the $item array to achive this?

    'post','child_of' => 0,'orderby' => 'name','order' => 'ASC','hide_empty' => true));
    $category_count = 0; $category_col = 1;

    foreach($categories as $catty)
    ${'category_list_'.$category_col}[] = array('name'=>$catty->cat_name,'url'=>$catty->category_nicename);
    if(floor($category_count) == (count($categories) / 2)) { $category_col = 2; }

    <?php foreach($category_list_1 as $item) { echo '',$item['image'].' '.$item['name'],''; } ?>

    <?php foreach($category_list_2 as $item) { echo '',$item['name'],''; } ?>

  11. Does this plugin work with WP 3.6? I installed and uploaded category image but it does not show on the website. Am I missing something? Where are the instructions/documentation on how to set it up? There is no Taxography – Graphical Taxonomy section via admin dashboard, there was just an “add image” button that was added once installed to the Post->Categories section but that’s it. Do I need to manually place code on my site to display? If so, what is the code and where do I place it?

  12. Hello Zourbuth,

    Great plugin there, how ever i am stucked into one problem,
    I am using this code to display category image on the site,

    Its working perfectly but how to display the subcategory image? can you please help by modifying the code? that would be grateful.

    Thanks in advance

    1. This is your code:

      <img src="<?php foreach((get_the_category()) as $category) $term_id = $category->cat_ID; $image = get_option( 'taxonomy_image_' . $term_id ); echo $image; ?>" alt="<?php $category = get_the_category(); echo $category[0]->cat_name; ?>" class="catimg" />

      You should do something like this in PHP:

      foreach( get_the_category() as $category ) {
          echo get_option( 'taxonomy_image_' . $category->term_id );
  13. sir i wanted to know i m using wordpress 3.6
    your plugin working great but there is one
    problem with plugin i m getting this error while uploading images from media uploader

    “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”

    can you tell me how to fix it

  14. Hi,
    I’m a novice in WordPress and code, and my english is poor …
    Full Taxography is working all right in the sidebar, but I need icons to appear in the posts, just down the articles.
    Apparently I must copy a “shortcode” in my theme editor but … I cant find this shortcode, and dont known where to copy it precisely …
    Can you help me ?

      1. Thanks,
        I dont want taxography only in one post, but automatically in every posts, for illustrate all categories references of each post
        In each post, the “This entry was posted in” would be illustrated or replaced by taxography
        Is it possible?

      2. All right it’s ok with the function code:
        But all categories appears :-/ Is it possible to show only the categories related to the current post?

          1. Hi; Thanks and sorry … I’m really a novice, and I don’t manage to use this code :-/ Must I add php tags before and after it? Must I replace “your_category_ID_here” by “current post category ID” or something like that? Is that code additional to the previous code, or replacement?
            Is there somewhere a simple listing of all of codes which can be used for this plugin, and simple tutorial ?

          2. You can add php tag if there is no tag before.
            And you should replace the category ID with your current cat ID.
            I think simple tutorial should be there sooner 🙂

  15. (Also posted on CodeCanyon)

    I just purchased taxonomy and cat plugin to try and display WooCommerce Product Category Images with the widget. I can display Product Category Title and description using Taxonomy but not the images.

    Please can you advise how we can display the Product Category Images?


  16. Hello,

    I’m trying to use this plugin to display the subcategories with the appropriate subcategory image before the text and I’m really close but just need some guidance. This code works except that it shows the image for the parent category. What do I need to do to make it show the correct image for each subcategory that its listing.

    Thanks in advance

    1. That should be easy if you can call the category ID.
      Browse google on how to achieve it and call the category image from the exact ID.
      You code only get the current ID (perhaps, I’ve not tested it yet)
      not for sub.

  17. I installed Taxography and when I go to my Post Categories section in the admin panel the new options aren’t available. I did activate the plug-in and I am able to mess with settings for it in the widgets area but thats it. Any ideas?

  18. Can you please give me a example code to place in to my child-theme, so the category image is displayed in the post (front page and single post view)

    Thank you.

    PS! I can not program 🙂

    1. Here is how to get the image based on term id:
      $image = get_option( ‘taxonomy_image_’ . $term_id );

      You can Google for how to use PHP in template for single and loop.

  19. Is it possible to add html tags in the category description?

    I am only able to bold the text, but other html code is not working. I need to insert linebreaks, add links, etc.

    Please help

  20. I purchased taxography pro version. Created a widget with all the settings and using the short code from widget inside page. The category titles do not display, I have the box checked for show titles and font color is set to black ( content bg is white ). No titles show up. please advise.

  21. Hello!

    I established your plug-in, however in a saydbara pictures to categories are not displayed. Perhaps I need to insert some code into my subject for a conclusion of images?

    Prompt, please what code and where to insert?

    My blog

    Theme wordpress: twenty twelwe

    The widget is the first in the left bar in my blog. Look it, please

  22. Hi.. I don’t know how to put category image in widget, can you please guide me, I want to buy pro version but before this i need it how it work. thanks
    Have you any training video for this? Thanks

  23. Hi,
    I’m using your plugin for a long time and was really satisfied, everythings worked ok.
    Now, after the update at wordpress 4.2.3 something goes wrong with taxography.
    With user admin the plugin still work but when guest visit the blog …. encounter the below error :
    Access denied for user ”@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

    Could you please help me ? Many thanks


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