Super Post – A WordPress Plugin For Displaying Posts

Super Post – A WordPress Plugin For Displaying Posts

This plugin gives you all the controls for any post queries, for any post type and any other extended options for displaying your very important post, recent, popular sticky, or related posts. Can be used to display spesific post from categories or post tags. Build with shortcode for content section.
Showing the posts in a sidebar becomes very easy with a powerfull widget. Widgets come with highly-customizable control panels, easy to use and support multiwidget even in the same sidebar.

Key Features & options

Post Queries

  • Popular Post
  • Related Post, for your single post view
  • Recent Post
  • Stick
  • Multi-Tag Based
  • Multi-Category Based

Post Number
Post Term(s)
Custom date format
Show comments number
Post and date icon
Thumbnail, show or hide post thumbnail.
Thumbnail height & width
Intro text & Outro text, if you want to add additional text or HTML.
Custom Style & Script if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per widget ID.


Serbian (sr_RS) – Andrijana Nikolic

Download Super Post Free from

Download Super Post Premium from

229 comments on “Super Post – A WordPress Plugin For Displaying Posts

    1. Hey, Aakarsh,
      did you got the posts from same category as of the active page?
      I couldn’t undersand about “related” on shortcode…..

  1. Hi, on my site the “read more” links don’t link to the relevant article, they link to the page you are currently on. Have you a solution to this?

  2. Hey! I really love the way your example works..and i want this widget on my site. I cant seem to figure out what to enter in the options to get it to work right? Can you help? I would also love to purchase the premium if we can get it working!

  3. I know you have some really cool plugins on codecanyon (featuting many of them on my site)! Nice, however, to see a free contribution also and this is actually a cool plugin, Thanks!

  4. Hi there,
    We have bought the Super Post, and it works really well apart from I have no images showing up. Can you please help. I am using WordPress 3.51 and Ultimatum Theme. framework 2.37031

  5. Hi,
    Nice plugin!!!
    I was wondering how I could add a “next page” link/button at the end of the page where the posts are displayed.


      1. Hi, I was also wondering where to change te date format, seems it isn’t using the one I’ve selected in the general settings tab.

          1. Thanks, what I meant was, the language of it. Other dates on the website are in french except for the ones displayed by Super Post.
            Thank you for answering that fast.

          2. Hi zourbuth,

            I ran into the same problem as Etienne: I needed to display dates in my wordpress language (spanish), but the super-post plugin kept showing dates in english. I had to modify this line in super-post/utility.php:

            mysql2date( $date_format , $post->post_date, false)


            mysql2date( $date_format , $post->post_date, true)

            Hope this helps!

  6. Hi:

    I’m using the Super Post plugin, but I can’t get to work the related posts.

    All of the other queries work as stated but if I configure it to show related posts it shows me the recent ones.

    I have posts with same tags and I thought the plugin would show me the related posts based on the tags but I don’t know if this the right way the plugin works.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi zourbuth,

    Thanks man for sharing this great plugin, it is just what I was looking for.

    Seems like I have the same problem like Oscar.. I can’t get it work for related posts, always generating latest ones. I’m already using latest posts in sidebar so I thought it would be nice to have related in footer.. please when you grab some free time check it out.

    Thanks in advance

  8. Hi….I’m a bit confused between your two free plugins — Sticky Post and Super Post.

    Second question — does your plugin(s) offer a choice when the sticky should expired? We use sticky to list all upcoming events and it’s difficult to track when one past the event’s date.

    Thank you.

  9. Hi Zourbuth,
    great plugin, thank you for writing it!
    I do have one question: I want to display the title above the thumbnail. I’ve tried changing the html output line in taxography-utility.php (moved $thumb to behind the title href), but the order doesn’t change. Can you please tell me how I should change this?
    Thank you!

      1. Hi,
        sorry! Where should I post it then? The URL now reads taxography-wordpress-graphical-taxonomy. How come there are super post comments here? Can you point me to the correct URL?

  10. Hello Zourbuth,
    great plugin, thank you for writing it!
    I do have one question: I want to display the title above the thumbnail. I’ve tried changing the html output line in taxography-utility.php (moved $thumb to behind the title href), but the order doesn’t change. Can you please tell me how I should change this?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Boris, try this around line 90:

      $html .= "<li><a title='$post_title' href='" . get_permalink( $post- rel="nofollow">ID ) . "'>". taxography_substr( $post_title, $params['post_title_substr'] ) ."</a>$thumb</li>";

      Let me know if that works.

      1. Mmm,
        it gives an error:

        Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in E:\xampp\htdocs\PhoneFix\wp-content\plugins\taxography\taxography-utility.php on line 91
          1. Thanks for your quick help Zourbuth!

            It doesn’t work yet, the error has changed:

            Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '=' in E:\xampp\htdocs\PhoneFix\wp-content\plugins\taxography\taxography-utility.php on line 91
  11. I tried by adding some gibberish after the closing link code, and removing the $thumb. It doesn’t make a bit of difference. Am I working in the correct file?

  12. Hey, I found it!

    I swapped the if $show_title and if $show_thumbnail sections in taxography-walker.php, and now it’s changed!
    Thanks for helping me so quickly, you put my thinking on the right path :-).

    Might it not be a good idea to build into the plugin a choice of the order of information displayed?

  13. Hello Zourbuth,

    Nice plugin you built there. One of the best looking ones I found so far to do the job.
    I am just missing the possibility to display posts from a given category.


    1. Hi Luc, I think the terms from categories is already there by default.
      You can select it or any other terms.
      Let me know if I don’t understand what you need.

      1. Hi,

        Well, when I try [super-post category="MY_CATEGORY"] , I get the same results as simply with [super-post] .

        Many other terms work fine (items, show_excerpt, excerpt_length, excerpt_more, show_icon, show_comments, show_date, date_format, order…).

  14. Hi Zourbuth!!
    Thank you for this great plugin. It helps me to solve, not one, but two “wishes” that I have on my site :-))

    There is only one small problems. Same like Luc’s… shortcode does not show for me posts from given category …
    I wrote code in post:
    [super-post category="MY_CAT_NAME/ID" items="5"]

    I tried both, with category name or category ID, but it returns me only last 5 posts from all categories together… In your examples, I couldn’t find example for categories.. what did I write wrong?

    Thank you!!

      1. Well, I could not get this to work with cat ID 🙁 Instead of this I used this code:
        [super-post query="taxonomy" taxonomy="3" items="5" ] , where “3” was number of my tag, which is same number as number of cat id…

        After upgrading to new version (1.0.5), this short code for taxonomy stop working! 🙁 It’s big problem, cause short code for cat ID still does not work…

        ps. widget works perfect, but I need short code for single post 🙁

        pps. I’d like to buy this plugin if you ensure it will work fine… please answer me on my mail, and I’ll show you my problem :-((


  15. Hi Zourbuth!

    I have a strange behavior in most commented posts choice.

    No matter what I choose, ascending or descending, it is always descending.
    And much more, there is a zero (0) comment number between results that spoils
    the list. The list is in the fourth column in the footer, starting from left.

    Super post version is 1.5 and link, in case you have the time to take a look,
    is www dot redheadillusion dot com / redhead
    (the site is still under construction and has two languages)

    Thank you very much.

      1. Hi Zourbuth!

        the answer is yes. I sent you confirmationl to your gmail acount.

        If you have time take a look at my site. You can answer me using my mail,
        if you think that is something with no interest to other users.

        Thank you very much.

  16. Hello! Just wondering what script to add to display the post categories on the widget?

    Thanks much and great plugin!

    1. Hi Katrina, thanks for using this plugin.
      You can google it, there are many tutorials to do that.
      Go to super-post.php and edit the lines to your need.

  17. Hi, Great Plugin. I have question. Is there some way to show facebook comments number? Because right now widget show wordpress comments number

  18. Hello, thanks for your work!!

    I downloaded and installed the plugin, but i don’t see anything new or different =((

    Just looked at the Posts section, nothing there, Plugins section says it is activated but i can’t find it =((

    What am i doing wrong??

  19. Zourbuth, thanks for the incredible plug-in! It really looks great!

    I am having an issue with the popular posts function, whether I chose Ascending or Descending order, it only seems to display in descending order.

    Can you take a look?
    Thanks so much! I really appreciate this incredible plug-in!

      1. Thank you. Do you know if this function will work properly on the Premium version? If so, I’ll just purchase that in the meantime.

  20. Dear Zourbuth,

    a’m using super post to get the social button function that is, in my opinion, very good.
    But, in the free edition it doesn’t work.
    So I bought the premium edition and after installation the plugin had less function then free edition!!!
    And email social button doesn’t still work!!! You fill all fields and email doesn’t leave.
    What is wrong?
    Can you help me?

    Thank you

      1. This works but displays the taxonomy id on the pages everytime posts are displayed. e.g. If I use[super-post query="category" items="5" taxonomy="1,3,5,19"] It displays 1,3,5,19 on the page above the desired list of posts. I have the premium version.

  21. The real question is are posts related to numeric taxonomy values? If so how do I find that number? I added posts to a new category and got nothing to show, only way I can get them to show is if I use (1) as the taxonomy value and move posts to the uncategorized category.

  22. I have installed this plugin and is very helpful as well. only problem is we have some transitional forms into our website on those pages i don’t want this.

    Can I remove from selected pages?

  23. Hi, just found this error Object [object Object] has no method ‘live’ from jquery.super-post.js:76
    .live() is a deprecated function (from jQuery 1.7+) and removed completely from jQuery 1.9+ (the one I’m using) A possible solution could be to use .on() or .bind() …

  24. Hi there. Plugin works great mostly, but I have only one problem.
    In single – everything works fine.
    But in loop (if i correct) i have this TEXT: “Share PostTwitterFacebookGoogle +1Email”
    in my posts description. In single – everything works fine.

    1. *update
      *the_content* is ok
      *the_excerpt* is TEXT ONLY, and i dont need it at all. No text and no buttons. How can i do it?

  25. Hi, i am looking to display the post title, author and date on the same line. Is there an easy way of doing this. We have purchased the super-post premium. Thanks

  26. Hi Zourbuth

    Thanks for a great plugin! Just one question. I’d like the thumbnail image to show above the title/author/excerpt text. Is there a way to do this?

    Thank you



      1. It does not work for me. In which file have toi put the code above: super-post.css, settings.css or dialog.css?

          1. This code:

            .sp-thumbnail {
            display: block;

            I would like to put a big thumbnail image above the title/author/excerpt text.

  27. Hi,
    Is there a way to make Super Post follow the same style as the rest of my responsive theme?
    For example, if I want my titles to match those on the rest of the theme (also when resizing window) I would want it to be . can I assign this to Super Post?


    1. Hi, the plugin use the container width. It will be re-sized to match the container.
      If you want to match those titles, you can add “.super-post” class to your theme CSS.

  28. Many thanks for an invaluable plugin, zourbuth
    On our Clan Chiefs site the Email function does not work. When I click ‘Send email’ it says ‘Please wait’ then displays a small ‘o’ but no email arrives.
    I have tried disabling other plugins and using different browsers (FF, IE, Chrome). I am using WP 3.6 with the Twenty thirteen theme.
    Your advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi, sorry for the trouble. I think the plugin share feature don’t work in the archive or blog index page since it not pull the script data to archive header.
      It works on single page view. I will check for this issue, and create update soon if needed.

  29. Hey,

    I’m thinking of buying this plugin, however I want to make sure it meets my needs first.

    I simple want to create a tabbed home page, where users can tab between:

    Most recent posts (regular loop)
    Most popular posts
    Featured posts (sticky for custom post types (not essential))

    Would this be possible without short code?

    I’m thinking that using ajax tabs would be best to reduce load.

    Also, I am using infinite scroll, as far as I know, custom queries are not compatible with IS, in which case I would be happy display just one page of popular / featured posts. Do you know if I could make IS work with my plans?

    Thanks for everything,

    1. Hi, this plugin comes with shortcode and widget.
      I have problem with infinite scroll with Windows 8 + Firefox.
      Yes, it makes the site load faster, because we reduce the everything.
      But it will slow my browser performance while scrolling the page to the bottom.

  30. Can you add the following function in your next release plese?:
    Custom read more text. Yes I mean a complete different text as in the post included.

    My Post: Lorem Ipsum

    And my teaser: Blabla

    1. Create something like this:

      <style type="text/css">
      .my-custom-post-style {
         color: red;

      If you want to push the CSS file to your page header,
      you need to use the PHP function. Browse Google on how to
      enqueue your styles to the WP header.

  31. Hi, Zourbouth:
    I’d like to change the output sentence “There is no post for the current settings”. Where can I find it?
    Thank you in advance.

  32. I purchased your premium plugin, which is very nice.

    Question: is it possible to randomize the order in which the selected posts are displayed? I’m comfortable modifying the code if that is necessary. Thank you.

  33. Hi Zourbuth,
    How to get superpost likes link count if i would like to display it on homepage post summary?
    Thanks in advance!!

  34. My all website gives this:

    Warning: Illegal string offset ‘custom’ in /home/hotleco/public_html/wp-content/plugins/super-post/super-post-meta.php on line 89

    How to fix it ?

  35. Hi, i have buy your premium plugin. I have question. Can i put this code in super-post.php?

    merchants > 1): ?>

    <a class="zum_shop" href="”>


    if(compare_get_currency(‘position’) == “left”){

    echo str_replace(array(“\r\n”, “\r”, “\n”, ” “), “”, compare_get_currency(‘symbol’)).$product_price;




    echo $product_price.str_replace(array(“\r\n”, “\r”, “\n”, ” “), “”, compare_get_currency(‘symbol’));



  36. Hi, Im usign a shortcode [super-post query=”taxonomy” post_type=”product” items=”5″ show_excerpt=”false” excerpt_length=”15″ excerpt_more=”…” show_thumbnail=”true” icon_height=”100″ icon_width=”160″ show_comments=”false” show_date=”false” date_format=”F j, Y” ]

    Items value is 5, but plugin show all post from product type. How to limit to 5 product?

  37. Hi Zourbuth,
    I bought and installed the premium superpost plugin. Mysteriously, its adding css rules to my theme without tags wrapped around them. So some of these rules actually render as text on the page. Any idea how to fix this? (Example below)
    .sp-post-info{border:1px solid red!important}#super-post-3 .sp-date { background: url( no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; }#super-post-3 .sp-comment { background: url( no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; }#super-post-3 .sp-category { background: url( no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; }#super-post-3 .sp-author { background: url( no-repeat scroll 0 0 transparent; }#wpadminbar { display:none; }

  38. Hello – Your plug works great but it added code to my posts, which I didn’t want it to do, nor does it state that it will do this in your documentation. It added “Views, Likes, Rating” to the top of all my posts and it also shows up first thing in the excerpts which makes the excerpts look really weird. How can we get rid of that code? Thanks.

  39. Hi there, and thanks a lot for this very usefull widget. Here is my question : is there any way to NOT publish the “views, likes, rating and share post” buttons ? Might be in the settings, but didn’t find it so far…

  40. Hi,
    I tried to use that plugin but not showing views of any post i tried many times. but didn’t see any changes, DISPLAY post Views is checked but still getting problem.Please Help.


  41. I just purchased your premium plugin, Superpost, but I want to decide when the text cut-off (Read More) is… Not word count or character count. I want an entire sentence to show, whatever length it is, for me to set it manually each time.

    How can I do that? Otherwise, I want my money back.

  42. Is it possible to show posts in 2 rows? All plugins i found was 1 row. I would love to get Premium if i can have this feature.

      1. Sorry, i mean 2 columns and not rows. is it possible? I’ll get your premium anyway, cause i like all the options you got, but if you could include 2 columns option it would be great.

  43. Hi! I wonder if this is the plugin I have been searching for.
    I want to use a shortcode to display posts based on multiple tags.
    I want to only show posts that have both/all tags mentioned in the shortcode, not just one of them. Is this possible? i.e. tag1+tag2 must be present for the post to be shown.

  44. I installed SuperPost Premium and configured the Post page to show excerpt but the posts are appearing complete. Can you help me?

    Thanks and regards

      1. Yes, Page-list: [pagelist_ext parent=”xxx”] where xxx is the id from the parent image. I use this plugin in static pages. For post page I am trying super post now.

        I am using this pagelist to show a list of first level of child pages with featured image at left, title and text excerpt at right. I can desactivate or uninstall this plugin if I could use super post to do the same for static pages (and post pages too).


        1. Sorry I mispelled please read: Yes, Page-list: [pagelist_ext parent=”xxx”] where xxx is the id from the parent PAGE. I use this plugin in static pages. For post page I am trying super post now.

  45. I have installed the super post premium and I have three questions:

    1) in the parent pages only the first level of child pages should appear with featured image at left, title and text excerpt
    2) In the page defined in the Reading Settings as Posts page, the posts should appear with featured image at left, title and text excerpt
    3) Is it possible to organize the Posts Page with two columns to separate the posts excerpt by categories?

    1. You can use the widget “Custom Script & Stylesheet” and paste/modify code below:

      <style type="text/css">
      .sp-title {
          font-size: 22px;
  46. Hi Zourbuth,

    I really like the Super Post plugin, just one question.

    Is it possible with the plugin to have the Super Post widget only show posts that belong to TWO categories? I have a category called “tablets” and one called “reviews”.

    I would like to show all tablet reviews on my page, so is this plugin able to display ONLY the posts that are in those two categories? (not just one of the two).


  47. Hi,

    I think that WPML 3.1.2 and Super Post has a bug when you use the widget in the sidebar for getting the related posts in a category from a different language as your basic language.

    When I use WPML 2.6.0, it displays the posts correctly.

    Query issue?

    with kind regards


  48. Hi,
    i want to go for premium version if it stisfy my requirement such as.
    1.Is post pagination is available in the plugin?
    2.Is post Archive is available in this plugin?

  49. Hi,

    I’m moving from ‘display-posts’ plugin to ‘super-post’ plugin. In a particular page I need to display the list of child pages for that page. In ‘display-posts’ I use:

    [display-posts post_type=”page” post_parent=”868″ …]

    How can I get the same result with super-post?


  50. Unless it already exists and I still haven’t discovered it, a shortcode generator with an interface similar to the ones we get for the widgets would be a great feature! : )

  51. Thanks for the plugin I like the way it looks. The thumbnail is not showing up, I tried adding the code above to the CSS but it didn’t help, any other ideas?

  52. Is Super-Post WPML compatible?

    I want to show popular posts (most viewed) in the respective language.
    All other plugins I tested mix up posts in all languages of the website.

  53. Hi there! Thanks for this awesome plugin.

    I’ve inserted the shostcode into a slider and I have two questions:

    How can I control thw width of the text?
    How can I make it work properly with mqtranslate plugin?


  54. Hi there!

    Thanks for this amathing plugin. I have two questions:

    1. How can I adjust width in order to put it inside a Slider?

    2. Can I make it work properly with mqtranslate?


    1. Hi Raul. Thanks for using the plugin.
      1. By default the width will fill the container 100%.
      2. Never try, but I think it will works since this plugin uses WP builtin function inside the loops.

  55. Hi! Thanks for this very flexiable PlugIn! I have two questions:

    How can i disable the Share Buttons

    How can i exclude a single category


    1. Hi. The item you need is available under the Premium version.
      But if you want to hack the code for disable the share button,
      open the share.php file and comment the line:

      //add_filter( ‘the_content’, array( &$this, ‘the_content’ ) );

      There is no option to exclude category(s) right now.

  56. Hi,
    I have created a page with short code that shows all recent posts. then
    i added a list (ul, li tags) to a post but the post is not showing a list. it only has contents that i have added as a paragraph. It has disabled tags.
    but in view post page shows the list correctly.
    it seams, the short code disable html tags.
    if anyone know the answer
    please help

  57. Hi! Thanks for this PlugIn! I have a question,
    it seems, short code of this plugin auto format html elements of formated details

    Can I disable auto formating of this plugin.
    I used some kind of plugins to disable auto formating but it is not worked
    please help.

  58. I uploaded the plugin and now I can’t login to WordPress. I’m getting this error.
    HTTP Error 500.0 – Internal Server Error
    C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\php-cgi.exe – The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly


  59. hi
    I just noticed that I cannot open more pages by clicking on page numbers and even it does not load more pages, it is showing like it is working to open but never opens a page, can u help me?


  60. I added this code after line 192 in share.php:
    * Potential lock
    * strip html out of subject line for post title
    * @added by Robert Wall on 03-26-2015
    $subject = wp_strip_all_tags( $subject );

    I needed to strip out some styling html from the [post-title] shortcode. It works, but I have locked my site to this change. Are there more general solutions to what I have done? Thanks.

      1. In share.php, $subject contains the text string in the subject line for the post shared by email using this app. By default, the text is “Share – [post-title]” with [post-title] being a shortcode for the text stored in the Post title. In my case, that text will include some styling HTML, which I want to strip so that it does NOT end up in the subject line of the email being shared. I don’t really want to modify the code in the plugin as it will be overwritten with the next update. Would be nice to just include the code slice I mentioned in the spot mentioned, as it will still be inert to subject-line text NOT containing any HTML. Hope this helps … Cheers.

      2. Hi zourbuth,

        Thanks for your quick responses! Much appreciated, I assure you. It is a great plugin you have developed!

        According to WP Codex for wp-email: “The default content type is ‘text/plain’ which does not allow using HTML.” This is what the problem is I think. The embedded HTML is NOT interpreted in wp-email and gets sent as text. I want to avoid that in an email but not in the [post-title] shortcode, in general. So the shortcode must contain the HTML to accomplish my general purpose. This means that I must strip the HTML out of the shortcode text when it is used to load an email subject line (i.e., $subject in the plugin’s share.php). That way, the HTML does NOT appear as text in the email recipeint’s subject line. Hope I am not misspeaking and that this clarifies. Cheers.

  61. I am doing a multilangual joboard site for a customer using wordpress and was thinking about using multisite one of them. The issue is that users would exist in English but not in French. So if someone switches from french to English, he would go to another website where he does not exist. The theme I am using does not support WPML (it breaks core features) .

  62. Fantastic plugin. Any idea how to change the post-title font size? They appear the same as the font size of the excerpt… I tried to edit the dialogue css but no changes.

      1. Hi, no issue, I found it.
        Meanwhile, how do i customize the widget to show relevant posts by tags? Is there any specific code I can put somewhere in the php files?

  63. How do i display the posts with only specific category? or What’s the shortcode for displaying posts with specific category only?


  64. I can include social media icons in every post, but can I include icons of social media on each post item of the list?

  65. Hello, I’ve recently installed the Super Post plugin because I was interested in its Recent Post Sidebar feature. So far so good.

    But there’s one small problem here I can’t seem to find a solution to. I can’t make the outer wrapper of the sidebar widget same as my homepage’s color. It’s stuck in between.

    Hope you have the answer to my problem. Thanks.

  66. When the excerpt text exceeds the height of the thumbnail, I want it to wrap underneath to the left and across instead of just continuing down. I tried to add css to float the image, but it didn’t work. What would you suggest? I’m actually using a different recent posts widget right now because the text align looked so bad.

      1. I tried both the custom css part of the widget and the custom css part of my theme. Neither worked. What is the proper css? Maybe I had it wrong. I’m not super good at coding.

  67. Hi, I just re-purchased this plugin – I had a version from 2014 but when I installed it, it was missing several of the components of your screenshot above. My version only has the General, Share and Advanced tabs and is missing the Excerpts, Thumbnails, Comments etc sections that you show in your details. How can I get access to those things?

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