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  1. I just downloaded your new plugin called “Doughnut – PayPal Donation Plugin. But, I do not know what to do to next in order to activate it, and to include a brief bit of text to express gratitude to my blog visitors for their contributions, to keep my blog and website ad free.

    Can I open a PayPal account through your plugin, or do that separately on the PayPal website?

    What steps do I take to place the “Donate” button in my sidebar, precisely where I want to put it, and also have a space created below it to write a bit of text?
    Do I have to figure out how to write every detail of the html code? (I spent a lot of time earlier studying the whole process, and html descriptions were 24 pages in length.)

    I am not technologically oriented, and you will find my latest blog post interesting, because in it I focus on the fact that non-technological folks (like me) find it difficult to get jobs anymore – writing this post prior to discovering the difficulty in even adding a Donate button.
    Thank you for your assistance, Sandy Greer

  2. Sorry, Zourbuth, but I could not enter the url that you gave me in your above reply, which is
    The PayPal page told me that that url is “an outdated version of PayPal…”
    A few days ago, by the way, I registered and verified my new PayPal account, and also wrote a new blog post, the reasons why I did not reply sooner.
    But today I have wasted many hours still not able to understand the technical directions by PayPal or by you, to insert both the Donate button and also some text in my blog sidebar.
    Please advise. Otherwise, I get the impression that your plugin can only be applied by experienced developers and not by ordinary non-technical bloggers like me.
    Regrets, Sandy

  3. As a courtesy, Zourbuth, I just wanted to notify you that I found a source to help me launch a basic donate button, and write text without needing to know html code.
    I sincerely wish you success in receiving support from users who find your more advanced button helpful. As for me, I am not ready for advanced.
    Blessings, Sandy

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