Jet Tweet – A Twitter Feed Plugin For WordPress

Jet Tweet

This plugin is not only for displaying tweets, but also bring Twitter to your site.
Since version 2.0 and Twitter API v.1.1 has a set of changes to the features.
This plugin comes with lots of visual options and easy to customize. Uses the powerful Twitter api such as mentions timeline, user timeline, and home timeline. You can built your own twitter template(s) with just simple steps, customize the stylesheet, and even share the template to other peoples.

New features, dashboard tweet widget

Key Features & Options

The powerfull of Twitter REST API v.1.1
Dashboard tweet, home timeline, mentions and messages.(new)*
Show user, home or mentions timeline.
Show retweet of me or by id*
Show spesific tweet by tweet id or with oembed*
Search tweets for any whatever query ( amazing feature )*
Show favorite tweet*
Multiuser tweets by specified list*
Followers list*
Interactive dialog interface.
Tweet box for inline post edit and tweet comments*
Optional name of list belonging to username*
Display @mentions*
Search #hashtag*
Optional search query*
5 predefined templates*
Tweet actions favorites, reply, retweet and follow button.
Multi widget.
Optional avatar height and width.
Number of tweets to display.
Tweet display style, fader, ticker or default.
Text before and after your tweet.
Template tags for creating your new template.
Well documented script
Suitable for developper*
And more…

* available only for premium version

Download Jet Tweet from

Purchase Jet Tweet Premium from

22 comments on “Jet Tweet – A Twitter Feed Plugin For WordPress

  1. Hi there,

    really nice plugin, i pay you compliments!.
    I got an issue: i can’t visualize the date format “1 minute/hour ago” of a tweet and i cannot change date language in a “February 22, 2013” date format.
    Any suggestion?



    1. How did you change it? Seems like I can’t change the “Loading tweets…” sentence without modifying the plugin code. This doesn’t seem right. I should be able to change it from the settings page, correct? It doesn’t work in the settings page.

  2. This is exactly what I needed. I spent hours trying to do this myself or finding a plugin to do what I wanted (a Mentions timeline). I didn’t download yours because of a lack of ratings (it’s new). I wasted a lot of time. This is perfect. I wish I had tried it earlier and I could have all those hours back. I’ll give it a good run and donate and/or purchase the premium edition (though the basic does what I need). Thanks!!

  3. Great plugin….will buy the premium edition as soon as I get the basic one working. I hit the “rate exceeded” limit ……what do I do to reset this?



  4. Hi zourbuth,

    First of all nice plugin, this is one of the rare ones that still work after API 1.0 being deprecated. I do have a problem with the plugin over here:

    Upon installing the plugin the ‘save’ button returns an server error. I enabled the WP_DEBUG in wp-config.php and it then says:

    Notice: has_cap was called with an argument that is deprecated since version 2.0! Usage of user levels by plugins and themes is deprecated. Use roles and capabilities instead. in wp-includes/functions.php on line 2923 Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in wp-content/plugins/jettweet/library/twitteroauth/twitteroauth.php on line 199

    If you could check and confirm this that would be nice.

    1. Oops my bad, I forgot to enable the CURL extension on the webserver. So there’s nothing wrong with the plugin!

  5. Hi,
    I am trying to set the plugin up and am struggling to see where it is that I put in my username(s) to make the plugin display two twitter profiles, I can’t actually see anywhere for this information to go… could you please advise me on this as I have grown frustrated with looking.


  6. Hello

    Great plugin….I have the pro version. However, now I am getting a conflict with my genesis responsive widget and needed to remove the plugin

    Can you provide any help

  7. Great plugin zourbuth! I tested the basic version and purchased the premium version.

    Is there a way to load new tweets realtime (without reftreshing the page)?

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