Post Recycle – WordPress Plugin Addon For The Countdown Pro

Want to build recurring events ? Or cycling the posts in periods? This free addon/plugin is an additional plugin for The Countdown Pro WordPress plugin. It means that you should have the main plugin to use this addon. This plugin handles the post or custom post type content in recycling or recurring mode with counters. This plugin supports all registered custom post type. Post content will be displayed with the specified duration in seconds.


Main Plugin Scheme

This plugin will cycle the selected posts and show the selected post content. After the duration for displaying the content is exceeded, the page will reload the current page to eliminate the post content. The cycle will continue to run for a specified time and will end up the current post and display the next post content. You can view the plugin scheme at the image above.

Main Plugin Feature

This plugin includes a set of feature similar to The Countdown Pro with a slight increase in the option field for cycle and content duration. The cycle and content duration field is in second unit. All registered custom post types can be used for cycling. With the drag and drop feature, it becomes easy to sort the post position in the cycle. There is a cycle and a content duration countdown or counter for each instance.

Using Shortcodes

If you want to use shortcodes in the content, please drag the widget to the “inactive sidebar widget” area and set the widget option there. You will find the widget ID given in the widget option and use it in the shortcode parameter id.
Example [post-recycle id="2"]

Video Preview

At least this video is able to represent functionality of this plugin. The live video use 3 posts with 30 seconds of cycling and 10 seconds for content duration. Each post will cycle every 30 seconds and the post content will be displayed within 10 seconds after the post has been cycled. After 10 seconds, the content will be removed and the cycling counter will continue.

Download Post Recycle from

4 comments on “Post Recycle – WordPress Plugin Addon For The Countdown Pro

  1. Hi Zourbuth,

    Firstly, thanks for this plugin, its exactly what I need and I am extremely grateful to you for putting this together. It works faultlessly other than one issue I am having. I am trying to display Post Recycle across every page of my site at the top of each page and I think the best way of me doing this is to incorporate it into header.php.

    I have inserted the following code:

    into header.php, but on the front end I am just getting the following message where I would expect to see the Post Recycle displayed:

    Please set the posts first

    I have placed the widget into Inactive Widgets, removed the posts and started fresh but I cannot seem to find a way around this. I’d be very grateful for any advice please.



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