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  1. I have a new WP installation specially made​​, because THE COUNTDOWN was not displayed perfect and the parts below on the sidebar were half in THE COUNTDOWN area! After WP new installation it’s the same problem! I installed first the THEME and the only PLUGIN is THE COUNTDOWN, right sidebar!

    Can you help or will there be an TC update?

  2. Did anyone get a response to this? I’ve uploaded the plugin and there is no indication other that the plugin list, that it exists.

  3. ok, I see it in the widget area. My bad. I was hoping for a post/page shortcode but the widget is good. Thank you for this.

  4. Hi there,

    Im using your “Count Down” and I have a question. How do I change the background color. Where, in witch file. I have tried a lot of changes thrue “color codes”.. but havent find the right one.

    Please have a look to see what im mean. To light now, cant see the numbers.. In the bottom of the first/homepage just below the text ” Timeattack Rudskogen”

    Thanks // Regards,

    Victor, Sweden

  5. Hello, we are testing out your plugin and so far it is working great. We anticipate upgrading if all goes well.

    Two quick questions: Is there an easy way to change the color of the Countdown font. It seems to pull from our theme default, but we would like it to be white (so it stands out more).

    Also, is the plugin able to be inserted into posts?

    Thank you,

  6. I am testing out your Plugin. Looks great and it works but the size of the box where the countdown is inside is extremly large (over the complete website). you can see it here:
    Is there a way to fix it? Thank you!

  7. Hello and thank for the great plugin. I was wondering, how could I localize the plugin in frontpage? Was searching in plugin editor, but couldn’t find it. Many thanks

  8. Hi,

    I’m using this plugin but I’m having problem styling the ‘days’ part.

    See I just want to output the days in my countdown like:


    and I want the ’96’ to be big and the days to be small and everything centered. I can style ’96’ because it’s inside a container which is ‘.countdown_amount’ but the ‘days’ doesn’t have any so I’m having troubke styling it.

    My question: how can I add class on the ‘days’ so that I can style it.


  9. I looked around for a countdown timer for a while to put into my post when promoting my next live cam show, all others i used simply didn’t work didn’t give enough options:

    Amazing plugin, purchased the pro version. support is amazing, very happy with this product.

  10. Can it be used as a widget on the main page?
    I put the code into a HTML Text field…but it looks horrible and out of all boxes..

  11. Hi!

    I’m using The Countdown WordPress Plugin. It’s great, Thanks!

    I wonder how can I change time zone?


    1. I have the same question. I posted this in the WordPress Support Forum for the plugin a couple weeks ago, but have as yet received no response.

        1. There is no intro or outro tab in the widget. I just tried installing the ‘pro’ app and this killed my site until I manually deleted the files using ftp.
          So far my initial promising view is going downhill quickly. All I want to do is add some text before the counter.

  12. Hi Great Widget, I was wondering if it is possible to change the backround at a specific time eg 5 min



  13. Hi guys,

    Nice plugin. Works very well, thank you.
    I was wondering if I could just display the “days count down” numbers and not have hours and minutes. Is there something in the source code I can amend?
    Where would I find it?


  14. Hello !
    Thank you so much for this plugin, it is the best i’ve ever found. I’m using it since few months showing Months, Weeks, Days and Hours. But recently (maybe I updated the plugin, i’m not sure), it just shows Weeks, Days, Hours and Minutes. I cannot change it. I tried to put MWDH, and mWDH but it does not work at all.

    Could you help me ? πŸ™‚
    Thanks !

    1. Hi, thanks for using the plugin. Here is the letters for the date format:

      ‘Y’ for years, ‘O’ for months, ‘W’ for weeks, ‘D’ for days, ‘H’ for hours, ‘M’ for minutes, ‘S’ for seconds.
      Use upper-case characters for required fields and the corresponding lower-case characters for display only if non-zero.

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