Total Users Lite WordPress Plugin

Want to display the total number of your site users? Here it comes, the very powerful and easy to use plugin.
You can display the total users in seconds. This plugin comes with widget supports many instances,
and custom PHP function with lots of arguments for your templates. It also comes with the short inline help or instruction for each option,
so you can easily understand and manage the option only in a single click.

Key Features & Options

  • Beautiful user interface gives you the best experieces while customizing this plugin
  • No setting page that will explode your admin page.
  • Visibility You can hide a couple roles and the total.
  • Hide empty This option will hide the role with empty users
  • Multiinstances widget
  • Intro Text This option will display addtional text before the widget content and supports HTML.
  • Outro Text This option will display addtional text after the widget content and supports HTML.

Download plugin

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